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Banks Continue Abusing Homeowners In Foreclosure

Ten years after the foreclosure crisis, banks continue to abuse homeowners in foreclosure.  During foreclosure, homeowners and rightful tenants may legally occupy foreclosed property.  Many times, the homeowner has requested a loan modification or is actively defending a foreclosure proceeding.  In fact, Illinois law requires banks  to tell consumers how much time they have to…

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Tax Scams Continue to Harm Consumers

Tax scams continue as this year’s tax filing deadline looms.  Just today, the Illinois Attorney General announced a lawsuit against a Chicago-area tax preparation service for fraud.  Costly fees were deducted from consumers’ anticipated tax refunds without their knowledge, as set forth in the office’s press release describing the tax scams: http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/pressroom/2018_02/20180227.html “To disguise the…

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Beware of Phantom Debt Collectors

Phantom debt collectors — they’re scam artists who make up debts to gain access to your bank account information.  They’ll call often, and may even tell you that someone is trying to serve you with court papers.  They may call from what appears to be a local number so you are more likely to pick…

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Robocalls Continue To Harass Consumers

Robocalls continue at record rates. Between January and August of this year alone, the Federal Trade Commission received over 3.5 million consumer complaints about these disruptive (and often, deceptive) calls.  This is more than the 3.4 million complaints registered for all of 2016. Robocalls impact everyone, even those registered for the Do Not Call list.…

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Stopping Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collector harassment – through collection calls and letters – comes with increasing frequency the moment you stop making payments. Federal law empowers you with certain rights – but you need to know how to use those rights. Ask yourself the following questions: Who is calling or sending you letters? Why did you stop making…

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