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Consumer Law and Advocacy

Bardo Law, P.C. provides a broad range of consumer law services, including work in the following practice areas:

Stacy Bardo - Consumer Lawyer and Advocate

Who is Bardo Law?

With over 20 years of experience as a consumer law attorney, Stacy Bardo founded Bardo Law, P.C., to address a disparity she witnesses all too often – larger businesses filing staggering numbers of lawsuits against consumers who do not have effective legal representation.

Bardo Law, P.C. provides dynamic legal advocacy to help consumers fight back. By using state and federal fair collection, fair lending, and fair business practice statutes, we can even the playing field.

Consumers deserve individualized, timely, and empathetic representation and legal counseling without sacrificing the zealous and effective work typically found in a larger law firm setting. At Bardo Law, P.C., the client comes first.