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Chicago Bar Association - Stacy M Bardo - Bardo Law

Even though it has been several years since the Supreme Court issued the decision in Spokeo v. Robbins, standing issues in consumer law are more relevant than ever.

This program is intended to discuss current and developing issues regarding standing, including recent decisions under consumer protection laws such as the FDCPA and FCRA, the status of class actions with new standards guiding whether a class can be certified when members have different standing concerns, and developments in consumer credit (identity theft and credit repair) and privacy related topics (FACTA, data breach, and the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, including discussion of Rosenbach v. Six Flags).

– Ongoing effect of Spokeo on consumer cases.
– Recurring standing issues in class cases.
– Unique standing arguments and case developments in consumer and privacy-related cases, including FDCPA, FCRA, data breach, BIPA, identity theft, and credit repair.


Bryan Thompson, Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C.

Stacy Bardo, Bardo Law, P.C.

Steven Uhrich, Uhrich Law, P.C.

Katrina Carroll, Carlson Lynch LLP

Robert Harrer, Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C; Vice-Chair, CBA Consumer Law Committee

Chicago Bar Association