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Consumer Law Q&A – Employment Credit Checks and the FCRA

During the holiday season, many people apply for part-time and seasonal jobs.  Your employment application may be rejected because of poor credit – but employers must follow the law before doing so.  Unfortunately, employment credit checks are permitted under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).  The FCRA allows employers to request credit reports on job…

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Debt Collector Harassment

Resource for Bad Debt Collection Tactics

  Bad debt collector tactics are finally getting some much needed publicity.  National Association of Consumer Advocates’ co-member Stephanie Tatar (of The Tatar Law Firm) posts very helpful consumer law/debt collection articles.  Visit Debt Collection Harassment Digest at http://paper.li/ConsumerLawNet/1430249856?edition_id=54af3610-8d5a-11e5-b6bc-0cc47a0d1609 to read more.  Yesterday’s shared post involves a look at the New York Times’ editorial piece “Bad…

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Chicago Waiving Certain Penalties, Interest, and Collection Costs

Effective Sunday, November 15, 2015, the City of Chicago is offering a form of debt relief.  On certain fines and tickets, the City will waive penalties, interest, and collection costs from now until December 31, 2015.  This reduces the total amount due to the original fine or tax amount.  For information about whether your debt…

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Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Settles With DOJ

The Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee Program reached a national settlement with Wells Fargo over mortgage servicing complaints.  Announced yesterday, Wells Fargo will pay $81.6 million for its repeated failure to provide homeowners in bankruptcy with required payment change notices.  Even though Bankruptcy Rules require mortgage creditors to file and serve a notice before adjusting…

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What if I get a Citation to Discover Assets?

Consumer Law Q&A: What happens after judgment?

If you were sued on a consumer debt and a judgment is entered against you, Illinois law still provides you with rights to make sure that judgment is being collected fairly. One method a judgment creditor will use to try and collect from you is called a “Citation to Discover Assets.” If you are served…

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